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Case Study: Global Financial Technology Company

Division LJ Kushner & Associates, Whitepaper
November 11, 2020

Read the full pdf here: Cybersecurity Case Study_Global Financial Tech Company

This client’s product is vital to the global financial services industry and operates on a complex private network. Our financial systems rely on the integrity of this client’s data in order to run, therefore customer data protection, information accuracy, and availability/reliability are paramount to the company’s success. After placing their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), this
global financial technology company, based in New York City, engaged us to continue to build out their Information Security Program including an Information Security Operations Center (ISOC) Team.

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We worked with the CISO to understand his vision for the ISOC Team and the needs for each role, including an overall leader, individual team lead, and experienced analysts with various skillsets:

To do this well, we require various skills/knowledge in the ISOC space, including but not limited to:


From the onset of the project we forged a partnership among the CISO, hiring managers, the client’s talent acquisition team, and our firm. Then we proceeded to:


Over a six month period, we placed the ISOC Director, an ISOC Team Lead, and five experienced ISOC Analysts with various technical skills. The majority of the team is still in place and successfully operating the program four years later.