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Case Study: Enhancing the Campus Experience with Elasticsearch

Division Professional Division
April 19, 2023

PeopleSoft Campus Solution

PeopleSoft Campus provides a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of educational institutions, including student and faculty profiles, course management, exam scheduling, and financial administration. For a large community college, as the platform expanded its user base and scope of services, the volume and complexity of data increased, resulting in slow search performance and a less-than-optimal user experience.

BGSF Addresses the Challenges

BGSF’s development team researched scalable and efficient search solutions that could be seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure. Elasticsearch emerged as a perfect fit due to its flexibility, scalability, and ability to handle large volumes of data.

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Click here to download the full case study and learn about the implementation process, project results, and conclusions that were drawn from the experience. If you are facing a similar challenge in your organization, click here to talk to an expert today!