That’s what it’s all about.

That’s what it’s all about.

A few of our favorite client success stories.

There’s nothing better than helping our clients solve their toughest talent challenges.
Check out some of our latest client success stories.

American Partners Move Fortune 500 Corporation to Enterprise Planning Cloud

Client Challenge:   Move a Fortune 500 top 10 Multinational Retail Corporation to Enterprise Planning Cloud American Partners was tasked with guiding our client, who operates a chain of discount department stores and grocery stores, to migrate their environment to the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Platform. ACTIONS AND SOLUTIONS DELIVERED: American Partners identified two highly qualified consultants who quickly became integrated […]

Donovan & Watkins Builds Valued Partnership with a Commercial Litigation Firm

Client Challenge: Donovan & Watkins (DonWat) was approached by a Houston commercial litigation firm to provide e-discovery document review services for one of their oil & gas clients. This project was to provide a team of attorneys to review and tag thousands of documents for a breach of a master construction agreement. The firm did […]

BG Creative Builds Valued Partnership with Global Fortune 500 Digital Acceleration Initiative

Client Challenge: A global Fortune 500 firm prompted BG Creative to help put together their CEO’s number one initiative; establishing a global digital acceleration team. The firm’s objective includes to not only have a stronger presence in their eCommerce vertical, but engage and enrich their consumer’s journey from a 360 degree perspective. The expectation is […]

Food Industry Contract Packaging Company

Client Challenge:  Specifically, this company needed Instaff to: Ensure their daily need of their daily workforce, up to 150 temporary workers, would be met Quickly and efficiently manage the transition of any existing temporary employees Improve overall management of their temporary workforce Actions & Solutions Delivered:  Instaff called for a meeting at once between the operations departments of both companies to devise an implantation plan of the […]

Nonprofit Organization Fills the Shoes of HRIS Manager

Client Challenge: Extrinsic’s client, a nonprofit organization in North Carolina, were informed that their Workday HRIS Manager was leaving for another opportunity. They reached out to Extrinsic to find a qualified consultant to cover the current vacancy until they identified a full-time resource. They needed a consultant who could quickly fill in for the former […]

Staying Focused on IT Risk Management and Compliance Management

Client Challenge One of the largest privately-held insurance companies in North America found themselves under increasing regulatory pressure as they expanded business lines into several key states previously dominated by their competition. Senior members of the CIS group and Project Management Office identified a core weakness specifically in IT Risk Management and Process and Compliance […]

The Importance of Digital Signage

Project scenario: Configure and Install 55-inch monitors for field and administrative employees in the Public Works and Solid Waste Divisions. Project Outcome: Improve communication by providing real time information – Live Feeds from TV, Web and Databases Allow for targeted / focused messaging – more responsive Increased productivity – reduces the need for face to […]

Integration of Virtual Fax Server

Project Scenario: Remove all stand-alone fax machines throughout the City of Memphis Setup end users to receive and send fax documents via electronic email Project Outcome: Reduces Costs No dedicated telephone lines No paper and ink Improves user productivity Send and receive docs – 24 / 7 (with network access) No waiting in line at […]

Bolstering Solid Waste Management Efforts

Project Scenario: The deployment of the ReCollect Solid Waste Management portfolio allows the City of Memphis residential customers to access and search for their solid waste collection days via Waste Collection Calendar: Recycling – cans, bottles, paper, containers, etc. Yard Waste – shrubbery, leaves, grass, etc. Garbage – bagged, wrapped, trash container Outside the […]

Public Camera Implementation in Memphis

Project Scenario: To replace antiquated and non-working cameras throughout the City of Memphis public facilities to include Community Centers, Senior Centers, Golf Courses, Libraries, Historic Properties, Museums, Nature Centers, Parks, Pools and Public Areas. Project Outcome: Improve City-wide safety 102 city-wide locations will have new cloud-based cameras camera footage will be accessible 24-7 days a […]

Solutions for Transport-Challenged Populations

Project Scenario: In collaboration with the City of Memphis, in March the University of Memphis submitted a proposal for the development of an AV demo that will take automation from sensory data-driven decisions to infrastructure-assisted autonomous driving. Vehicles acquire and transmit vehicular and pedestrian information beyond sensor range, enhancing collision avoidance and route adjustment. By […]

Building Rich Interior Hazard Maps for First Responders

Project Scenario: In collaboration with the University of Memphis, 3D scanning is complete for seven facilities including the National Civil Rights Museum, Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, and the Liberty Bowl Stadium. The resulting point cloud data has been processed to create geocoded 360-degree smart maps showing building interiors with objects of interest such as […]

National Fire Operations Reporting System Improvements

Project Scenario: Implementation of an Analytical Reporting System to improve City of Memphis Fire’s ability to assess the impact of response availability, capability, and effectiveness on the outcome of emergency events and improve firefighter and civilian safety through consistent and quality data. Project Outcome: Increase visibility & Traceability: Accurate and real-time information Assure adequate Fire […]

Electronic Check Request Automation Processes

Project Scenario: Automate accounting processes used by City of Memphis Accounts Payable Department.  Processes include automating invoices and automating check requests. Project Outcome: Reduce costs Elimination of paper processing Increase visibility & Traceability Management dashboard providing KPI’s and metrics Ability to trace an invoice from beginning to end Ability to identify areas of improvement Vendors […]

Upgrading Kronos With Additional Functionality For Healthcare

Client Challenge The Director of IT Applications for a respected Healthcare provider in North Carolina was in urgent need of upgrading their Kronos timekeeping system seeking additional functionality and needed to work under a tight budget relative to commercial counterparts. Identified Resource Extrinsic identified a specialized consultant with 15 years of KRONOS experience. This resource […]

Transitioning Clients From Cash Basis Accounting To Accrual Basis

Business Scenario: Our client is an S Corp and maintains its financial records on the cash basis of accounting. They have historically presented audited cash basis statements to banks, investors and other interested parties. Professional services firms moved away from cash-based financial statements to promote comparability with other financial statement issuers, and our client decides to restate its prior year’s financial statements […]

Complete Transitioning Operations For Sell

Business Scenario: Our client was a $250 million-dollar logistics national company. Our team of consultants helped with the transition of the days to day operations of the company’s business for a sell-out to an acquiring business. Phase 1) Our team consisted of an Interim CFO, Controller, Accounts Payable Manager, two senior accountants, and one administrative personnel. Phase 2) This team was tasked to […]

SAP Consultant Solves Fix All Configuration Issues In the System

Client Challenge In the maintenance stage of their SAP implementation, Extrinsic’s client, a Global Mining Manufacturer, realized that previous configurations were done incorrectly, causing the following problems to arise: Issues with ACH Payments: The U.S. outgoing instruction file to the bank was missing records, causing them to be recorded incorrectly on client books. The U.S. […]

Filling Candidate Positions for Software Services Client With A Short Window

Client Challenge: A software for services client had a need to staff up to 16 positions within a four to six-week window. These positions were required to have strong people skills as well as strong experience with Salesforce and would be in support of bringing new customers on to our client’s software product. Approach: Working with […]

Filling a Company’s Workday Project On Time and On Budget

Client Challenge In the implementation stage of their Workday project, Extrinsic’s client, a Financial Services company in Texas, did not have a resource on their team who could provide configuration support for the Performance Management module, Calibration module and their current compensation structure for global entities or provide best practice guidance. The client came to […]

Reducing Audit Fees

Business Scenario: Our client had implemented FAS123, Shared Based Payments, at the instance of their CPA Firm. Our client did not have the technical ability or the accounting resources to prepare the footnote analysis for the second year, nor had they maintained the HR records in a manner amenable to audit. Project Scope: Our team of […]

New Creation Tools and Processes Help Develop Historical and Forecasted Key Metrics

Business Scenario: Our client used QuickBooks for their accounting and reporting software systems and used Excel-based worksheets to forecast both operational and financial metrics. They realized they were duplicating efforts and had allowed themselves room for errors. Project Scope: Our team of Consultants worked directly with the client to develop a timeline for a two-phase solution. Phase 1) Identified the client’s requirements, both current and future, in forecasting and reporting requirements. Phase 2) […]

Implementing and Updating SOX Policies And Procedures for Oil Field Services

Business Scenario: Our client was a large publicly traded Oil Field Services company. They were in need of a review of their SOX policies and procedures. Phase 1) Our team consisted of three SOX auditors to test the client’s current SOX procedures. Upon determining the disconnect from policy and actual procedures. Phase 2) Based upon the […]

Spearheaded Restart For Account With Equity Transactions

Business Scenario: Our client was a regional utility company. Our team assisted with the form’s reinstatement. Phase 1) Our team of consultants had to go back over a four-year period. Forms 10Q & 10K had to be restarted to account for equity transactions that had not been properly recorded. Our consultants restated the filings and […]

Establishing An Accounts Payable Shared Services Group

Business scenario: Our client which was a large international oil & gas client. Our team of consultants assisted to establish an Accounts Payable Shared Services Group, upon the completion of a large acquisition. Project Scope: Our team of Consultants worked directly with the client o develop a timeline for transitioning all AP work to an AP Shared […]

Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation

This Statement establishes financial accounting and reporting standards for stock-based employee compensation plans. Those plans include all arrangements by which employees receive shares of stock or other equity instruments of the employer or the employer incurs liabilities to employees in amounts based on the price of the employer’s stock. Examples are stock purchase plans, stock […]

Hiring Personnel for Electronic Health Record Initiatives in Major Hospital Systems

Major hospital systems needed to quickly hire nearly 150 Health IT personnel to successfully support critical Electronic Health Record (EHR) initiatives and projects. Failure to deliver on these initiatives had the potential to cost clients millions of dollars. Zycron History with Client Zycron, for several years, had provided professional staffing services which included contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and project-based services to […]

Building a Successful Partnership Around PeopleSoft

Client Challenge: One of the largest communication technology companies in the world had a challenge within their heavily customized version of PeopleSoft resulting in a breakdown of the application not properly performing accounting treatment on transactions and asset depreciation. Identified Resource The consultant provided by Extrinsic had over 15 years of specific experience in PeopleSoft […]

Focused on IT Risk Management and Compliance Management

Client Challenge: One of the largest privately-held insurance companies in North America found themselves under increasing regulatory pressure as they expanded business lines into several key states previously dominated by their competition. Senior members of the CIS group and Project Management Office identified a core weakness specifically in IT Risk Management and Process and Compliance […]

Implementing Highly Functional GL System – Speeding up the Financial Reporting Process

Business Scenario: Our client had a troubled implementation of PeopleSoft General Ledger and nVision Reporting four years prior to our involvement. This client was unable to efficiently and timely extract data from the GL to perform financial reporting. Project Scope: Our team of consultants worked directly with the client to develop a timeline for a two-phase solution. Phase […]

Multi-Currency ERP System Implementation

Business Scenario: Multi-Currency ERP System Implementation for an International Beverage Company. The Project scope was inter-company reconciliations. Project Scope: Our Senior Accountant was responsible for coordinating with each division accounting departments to understand their current intercompany billings. Phase 1) Our consultant interviewed clients with accounting personnel to determine accounting practices and business processes. They also reviewed existing accounting policies […]

IT Risk and Security Initiatives

Client Challenge One of the largest privately-held insurance companies in North America found themselves under increasing regulatory pressure as they expanded business lines into several key states previously dominated by their competition. Senior members of the CIS group and Project Management Office identified a core weakness specifically in IT Risk Management and Process and Compliance […]