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The smart hire program enables talent rollover for acquisition. The service effectively allows you to roll your own talent selection to the BGSF Property Management payroll upon closure of the acquisition.

Using Smart Hire, BGSF can conduct the new hire process in less than a day and get them to your property working, while remaining on our payroll until you are ready to make the switch in your company’s accounting system. This benefit allows you not to miss out on great talent while the details are finalized in your accounting department.

Yes! Implement the SMART HIRE Program and let us manage onboarding and weekly payrolling with no minimum hours required.

Of course! Our SMART HIRE system enables you to use the service any time, anywhere. Even if there is not a BGSF location in your market.

  1. Locate potential candidates.
  2. Send candidates to BGSF.
  3. Right fit? Inform BG.

One businesses day! Yes, one business day.

We have HVAC, Certified & Lead Maintenance Technicians & Supervisors, Groundskeepers, Housekeepers, Porters, Leasing Professionals, Office Administrative Professionals, Assistant & Community Managers, Bilingual Talent & More!

We handpick from our diverse and highly qualified pool of applicants to match your specific requirements. We take the time to individually meet, screen, and review employment history of every direct hire candidate we send to you. Our streamlined and efficient process saves you money, time and resources by performing a thorough search, leaving you time to focus on other company objectives.

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