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Imagine a commercial property managment branch embedded right in your company. That’s what BGSF can deliver. We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to connect our clients with the best people in the CRE industry. It’s all we do at BGSF Commercial Property Management, and we do it better than anyone else. Because helping our clients succeed and changing lives for the better isn’t only our passion, it’s our purpose.

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Strategic solutions that fit any client need.

As a leader in the property management recruiting and staffing, BGSF will create the strategic property management plan to fit what you need, right now.  A team solely dedicated to the onsite commercial property management industry, BGSF is your single source for talented, trained, and trustworthy professionals.

Temporary Employees
Both long and short term

An on-the-job interview guarantees a good hire

Direct hire
When it’s critical to hire the right people, right away

Trying out candidates for a short time BEFORE you make that final hiring decision.

We know the industry. We’ve sat behind your desk. We know the time and budget constraints our clients are up against. BG Talent has the experience and to work around any challenge to deliver the ideal solution.
BG Talent can help you staff the right personnel, right where you need them:
  • Property Manager
  • Administration/li>
  • Assistant Property Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • HVAC-Certified Maintenance Technician
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Building Engineers
  • Groundskeepers
  • Regional & Operations Manager
BG Talent is solutions provider for our clients, delivering: 24-7 on-call and order fulfillment, daily follow up, availability for ongoing assignments, site safety reviews, timely reporting including weekly payroll and billing for employees and clients.

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Talented onsite commercial real estate property management pros are hard to find. And we have them!
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Talent talks.

All I can say are positive things about BGSF. It is an excellent place to work. Personally, staff is amazing! Excellent communication with Mark, Daryl and Eric. They care for their employees and treat them as equals; are cheerful, energetic, fun, and respectful. I highly recommend working for this company! Looking forward to a great, long-lasting career with this company!!!
- Erika W.
Very professional business! Great experience and amazing communication! Workers were very respectful and responsible! Would recommend to anyone looking into this business!
- Roel M.
BG got me up when I was down. I was laid off my job and my friend told me to contact BG, so I did, and Martha answered my call. I got laid off on a Friday and the next Monday Martha had me back at work as if nothing happened. Martha would always keep me in the loop when I was not needed at a property and she would always have another property ready so I would not skip a beat. If I had any issues with my pay, I would let Martha know and she would be quick to respond and resolve the situation. Martha is like the BG superhero. I really liked working under her when I did and thanks to her, I got a permanent job as a Lead Tech making way more than I ever have with great benefits. All I have to say is thanks BG for the opportunity But THANK YOUUU MARTHA for all your help!
- Anon
Dena is an amazing person. She placed me at my apartment complex and I was hired permanently after 3 months. It was an awesome experience. I would recommend BGSF if you are looking to get into a property management career path. Thank you, Dena for all you do!
- Tracie B.
BGSF helped me when I needed stable work. Two months later, I was hired on with the company I initially started off with as a temp. Kayla and Marcy have been amazing every step of the way. Thank you!
- Isaiah A.
Great Staffing Agency. Ben Scott was a wonderful maintenance man for my community for over six months! They also communicate well and always ensure you are happy with their service!
- Crystal R.
I needed a housekeeper on short notice and BGSF came through for us here at The Belle Meade. Kiara was amazing. She worked very hard and was so kind. I received a follow up phone call today from Shannon Crumpler with BGSF and told her if I could give Kiara 10 gold stars I would. It was a pleasure visiting with Shannon on the phone today. She is definitely an asset.
- Jami W.
Dena Mabe is always on top of finding me great talented professionals when our company is in need! Thank you, Dena for all you do for us!
- Chantae O.
I have worked on occasion as a fill-in employee for BGSF. Everyone in the company has been very professional and prompt with all of my questions. When I’m available, I will certainly work additional jobs for the company. Dena and Cindy are professional, helpful and kind!
- Jack M.
Ashley Tucker with BGSF multifamily is the best! Always ahead of the game and if you need anything she is there. We have used their services and always send the best clients. If you are looking for an amazing person, contact her today.
- Jaclyn S.
This staffing agency is the best. I think Diego is awesome. While I was without a job Diego kept me busy. Starting Monday, I was hired from a temp to permanent. I have and will continue to tell people out of work to get started with BGSF. I want to thank you guys for the opportunity and giving me a chance to grow with some experience.
- Geimal M.
I was in between jobs and I worked with Marianna and Jackie at BGSF Multifamily. They provided me with great placements and were always helpful and supportive when I needed them. They also provided me with great recommendations that could've ended with me getting hired on a permanent basis with some of the companies I worked for. Unfortunately I wasn't looking for a career in property management at the time. I do have a job in project and implementation right now, but if I ever need a part time job or if I am ever in between jobs again, I would totally contact them. I also recommend it to anyone looking for a job.
- Ibrahim R.
BGSF always comes to the rescue when my team is in need! Not only are they always willing to make things happen on short notice, but we can also count on them to ensure we receive someone that is competent, professional, punctual, and of high quality! They are always my first call!
- Katrina N.
All I can say are positive things about BG Multifamily. It is an excellent place to work. Personally, staff is amazing! Excellent communication with Mark, Daryl and Eric. They care for their employees and treat them as equals; are cheerful, energetic, fun, and respectful. I highly recommend working for this company! Looking forward to a great, long-lasting career with this company!!!
- BGMF - Positive Things

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