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Migrating On-Premise Applications to the Cloud Part Two

Read the full pdf here: EDR - White Paper - PART 2 As I lay awake in bed with the...

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Migrating On-Premise Application to the Cloud Part One

Read the full pdf here: EDR - White Paper - PART 1 Migrating On-Premise Application to the Cloud I am...

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Case Study: Global Financial Technology Company

Read the full pdf here: Cybersecurity Case Study_Global Financial Tech Company Situation: This client's product is vital to the global...

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Case Study: Large Healthcare Company

Click here for the full PDF: Cybersecurity Case Study_Large Healthcare Company Situation: The client, a large healthcare company responsible for...

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A Guide to Hiring Cyber Security Professionals

Overview The shortage of experienced cyber security professionals is a key risk factor that impacts organizations of all sizes and...

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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) through Business Planning and Analysis

Driving business performance in today’s complex and volatile environment presents unique challenges for senior management, in general, and for corporate...

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Financial Reporting Process Improvement

At a time when everyone from corporate executives to regulators and investors wants more, and more timely, financial information, many...

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The Power of Data and Analytics for Business Auditing

Reliable information has always been vital to decision making, as well as to investor confidence, in the business world. Executives...

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