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Virtual Interviews: Do’s and Do Not’s

Virtual interviews are the new normal, so making sure you're prepared for this different interview format. Luckily, we at BGSF...

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Feature Friday: Be Genuine, Make Connections

Elaine Priesman’s energy and sincere interest in getting to know you is the first thing you notice when meeting this...

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Top 8 Reasons to Get Your Career Started in the Apartment Industry

We get it- a global pandemic is no time to start looking for a career change. Or is it? If...

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5 Ways to Appreciate Your Maintenance Team

For most multifamily properties, maintenance is a pillar for long-term success. Proper maintenance will positively affect nearly everyone’s experience with your community. Most apartment reviews—positive or negative—center...

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How to Respond to Recruiters

LinkedIn is a great and powerful tool. It helps recruiters reach out to candidates that we may not find on...

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How to Invest in People for Better Outcomes with Darrell Freeman

Last Feature Friday, we heard from Darrell Freeman and his thoughts on how to be successful by holding you and...

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Recruiter Tips: Making Yourself More Marketable During Uncertain Times

As the world goes through an unprecedented time and countless projects have been pushed back, there's a saturation of available,...

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Should You Hire A Social Distance Attendant?

A position that wasn’t in existence a few months ago, BG Real Estate introduced the Social Distance Attendant and Elevator...

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How to Create Honest Success with Darrell Freeman

Darrell Freeman, ever patient, and ever-learning from the moment the interview started or rather started with technical difficulties was there...

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Resident Events During COVID-19

Let’s face it- resident events can be hard. Even the most successful, well-attended event can have some sweat and a...

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