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How to Respond to Recruiters

LinkedIn is a great and powerful tool. It helps recruiters reach out to candidates that we may not find on...

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How to Invest in People for Better Outcomes with Darrell Freeman

Last Feature Friday, we heard from Darrell Freeman and his thoughts on how to be successful by holding you and...

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Recruiter Tips: Making Yourself More Marketable During Uncertain Times

As the world goes through an unprecedented time and countless projects have been pushed back, there's a saturation of available,...

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Should You Hire A Social Distance Attendant?

A position that wasn’t in existence a few months ago, BG Real Estate introduced the Social Distance Attendant and Elevator...

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How to Create Honest Success with Darrell Freeman

Darrell Freeman, ever patient, and ever-learning from the moment the interview started or rather started with technical difficulties was there...

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Resident Events During COVID-19

Let’s face it- resident events can be hard. Even the most successful, well-attended event can have some sweat and a...

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Recruiter Tips: How to Answer Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Helpful interview questions answered by a recruiter:   “Tell me about yourself”  This is probably the most commonly asked first question by...

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How Do You Keep Your Team Motivated When the World is Falling Apart?

In this day and age, there are so many uncertainties. COVID-19, the political climate, economic forecast, and movement for equality...

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Recruiter Tips: Job Search During COVID-19

Provide a candidate one job search tip (especially during this time period): Keep your options open. I’ve seen many candidates...

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Recruiter Tips: Let Your Personality Shine

Let Your Personality Come Through You are more than just a resume. Hiring managers seriously consider personality and cultural fit...

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