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How to Network in the Real Estate Industry

Networking can be tough. Sure, there’s the familiar events out there, the ones with open bars, plenty of extroverted people,...

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Feature Friday: Betsy Kirkpatrick on NAA & BGMF being the Hottest Power Couple

The National Apartment Association & BGMF = the Industry’s Hottest Power Couple The National Apartment Association was formed to be...

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Recruiter Tips: Keep Calm & Kill Your Interview!

Interviewing can be one of the most anxiety-producing events you can experience! We all go through the motions of preparing...

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Feature Friday: Working Remotely, and Adapting with Patience

Elaine Priesman’s experience with BGSF and the recruiting industry has given her plenty of insight into the business and the...

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How to Beat Burnout as an Introvert 

Burnout for introverts is different from other types of burnout. The core differences are the causes of the stress and overexertion that result...

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An Extrovert’s Guide to Burnout in Quarantine

Extroverts around the world are suffering during the pandemic. Why? Because extroverts find fulfillment and energy from their connections with...

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5 Best Property Management Practices to Navigating Politics in 2020

This year’s political climate has prompted individuals as well as organizations to take action. It’s important as Property Management professionals...

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Virtual Interviews: Do’s and Do Not’s

Virtual interviews are the new normal, so making sure you're prepared for this different interview format. Luckily, we at BGSF...

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Feature Friday: Be Genuine, Make Connections

Elaine Priesman’s energy and sincere interest in getting to know you is the first thing you notice when meeting this...

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Top 8 Reasons to Get Your Career Started in the Apartment Industry

We get it- a global pandemic is no time to start looking for a career change. Or is it? If...

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