Corporate social responsibility.

It’s not just a buzzword at BG.

We believe in making a BiG impact

Being a good corporate citizen isn’t just our responsibility, it’s our passion. Empowering BG’ers to give back to our communities is a BiG part of life at BG! After all, when your purpose is to empower people to discover and fulfill their own purpose, good things are bound to happen!
What We Value

Supporting causes close to our hearts.

When it comes to bringing awareness to a cause, BG teams don’t just show up. We show up in style. This year, our offices turned pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, blue for Autism Awareness, purple for Domestic Violence Month and…well, you get the picture. Point is, we show our support with some serious passion fashion.

Helping wishes come true.

This year, BG teams from across the company worked together to help bring big smiles to children's faces at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Wishes are made possible by people who care, and we’re so proud of the caring BG’ers who came through in a BiG way!

Want to give back? Take off!

Two volunteer days off, to be exact. Paid in full for every BG’er to volunteer at the charity of their choice. Imagine that, a staffing company paying its own staff not to work! It’s crazy, but it’s one of the most appreciated – and utilized – perks we offer. And we’re loving every crazy minute of it.

BG’ers have BiG hearts.

From the #BiGHearts at various Heart Walks from coast to coast to packing over 22,000 meals for National Food Bank Day, BG’ers are making a BiG impact at home, in our communities and across the nation.


Working for BGSF is more than a job. It’s an experience like no other. After all, where else can you have a BiG impact on peoples’ lives and have a blast doing it?
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