Our story is just beginning.

You can help us write it.

Our story is just beginning.

You can help us write it.

Your Future. Our Purpose.

It's so much more than a tagline. It's the thread that runs through each chapter of the BGSF story. Our purpose has never been to simply provide people with jobs and clients with talent. We're connecting people with opportunities that help fulfill their life's mission. And there's no better story to tell than that!

Our history.

Founded in 2007, BGSF’s foundations were laid when two light industrial offices were purchased by Taglich Brothers Private Equity Group. What started as two brands grew to twelve, encompassing 80+ offices around North America and what remains is the ambition for growth. The company has since transitioned from humble beginnings to providing high-end technical services and has moved towards higher margins. Through the years, both the desire of the investors and the dedicated industry veterans continued to expand through acquisitions that have inspired keen, organic evolution. Now today, we offer job title opportunities in industries such as IT, Project Management, HR, Accounting, Administrative, Cyber Security, Property Management, and Commercial. Together we create a fit within every niche workforce, with that, comes the progress which makes our team stronger, and opens our doors to exceptional talent, and positive change for communities.

Our future.

While BGSF continues to focus on growth through exceptional talent and intelligent acquisitions. Simultaneously, we’re focused on building something equally as important, BG’s vibrant company culture.

With a passion for purpose and a penchant for having fun, the BG culture is helping steer the company in new and exciting directions. The way we see it, we’re not just connecting people to amazing opportunities. We’re causing a ripple that can transform lives and improve entire communities.

It starts with landing a candidate an ideal placement. This not only empowers that person as an individual, but they’re also better equipped as an employee to make a difference in the company they work for. A happily employed person is more capable of making positive differences in their own family. And happier families help change entire communities for the better.

We call this the BG Ripple Effect, and we’re proud to be the drop that starts the wave.

Leading the way.

BGSF is led by an experienced and talented group of long-time industry veterans, each one committed to helping guide and shape the next chapter of our story.
Beth Garvey
Chair, President, & CEO
John Barnett
Chief Finance Officer
Chris Loope
Chief Strategy Officer
Nycole Rosen
Chief Information Officer
Melissa Phillips
Chief Digital Officer
Eric Peters
President, Professional Division
Kelly Brown
President, Property Management
Janel Hunt
Executive Vice President of Human Resources
Emily Burroughs
Vice President of Communications & Culture
Dan Hollenbach
Senior Advisor

Latest industry awards.

Check out a few of the recent recognition we’re humbled to receive – and proud to brag about!

SIA, Best places for working parents, NAA, and DEI awards
SIA Largest IT Staffing Firm in the US Award
SIA Largest Staffing Firm in the US Award

Stay up on everything BG.

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    Working for BGSF is more than a job. It’s an experience like no other. After all, where else can you have a BiG impact on peoples’ lives and have a blast doing it?