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A message from our CEO.

Welcome to BGSF. We are a workforce solutions and consulting provider. Putting people to work is our business. We love to make your future our purpose.
The way we see it, every time we go the extra mile (and smile!) to connect a candidate with the right opportunity, we’re transforming a life for the better. Not because it provides a paycheck, but because it allows that person to pursue their own life’s purpose.

People are happier in their careers when they’re working towards something that's bigger than money. When work makes them happy, they’re happier at home. Happy homes make for happier communities. And it just keeps radiating from there.

What started as a ripple becomes a wave that impacts our clients, our clients’ business, and maybe even changes the world for the better.

That’s what we believe in. And that‘s why everyone at BGSF is working toward something so much bigger than just a job.

- Beth

Executive Leadership
Beth Garvey
Chair, President, & CEO
John Barnett
Chief Finance Officer
Chris Loope
Chief Strategy Officer
Nycole Rosen
Chief Information Officer
Melissa Phillips
Chief Digital Officer
Eric Peters
President, Professional Division
Kelly Brown
President, Real Estate
Janel Hunt
Executive Vice President of Human Resources
Emily Burroughs
Vice President of Marketing
Dan Hollenbach
Senior Advisor
Professional Leadership
Eric Peters
President, Professional Division
Kay Steelman
Vice President of Professional Services
Eric Samargedlis
Senior Vice President, Professional Resources
Ashley Waggoner
Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Stuart Sides
Senior Vice President, Strategic Sales
Dennis Waggoner
Vice President of Business Development
Matt Murray
Vice President
Steven Howard Smith
Vice President, Professional Resources
Tim Gibbons
Vice President
Real Estate Leadership
Kelly Brown
President, Real Estate
Jenn Rhoder
Vice President, Real Estate
Gilbert Hernando
Vice President, Real Estate
Sarah Fox
Vice President, Real Estate
Andra Padgett
Managing Director, BG Multifamily
Amy Bush
Managing Director, BG Multifamily
Angela Covington
Director of National Business Development, BG Talent
Katie Pearson
Managing Director, BG Multifamily
Betsy Kirkpatrick
Managing Director, Strategic Programs
Kate Jarrell
National Marketing Specialist, Real Estate Division

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