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Celebrating Black History Month in the Workplace

Division BGSF, Company Culture
February 27, 2023

Celebrating Black History Month in the workplace is an important way to recognize the contributions of African Americans in our society while also promoting diversity and inclusivity within your organization. 

We developed our DE&I Council, VIIBE (Voices Inspiring Inclusion, Belonging, & Equity), in 2020 and introduced two Employee Resource Groups in 2023. Our African American and Allies ERG led the efforts to create awareness within our teams during February. 

Listed below are ways our teams recognized and celebrated Black History: 

Our goal was to amplify Black voices and drive awareness by engaging in conversation and learning opportunities. In doing so, we dismissed assumptions, promoted inclusivity, and walked away with increased knowledge. The sharing of experiences, perspectives, and stories from our colleagues helped build stronger connections by creating a workplace culture that values and respects all employees.  

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