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Timing Is Everything: Three Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process (And Not Lose Talent!)

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August 25, 2022

Despite continued economic uncertainty, the hiring market is still white-hot, and time is of the essence. Today’s candidates have more choices than ever before, and employers need to listen to their preferences. They are no longer limited by location with the widespread adoption of remote work, and the demand for talent has been on a steep rise since the dawn of the Great Resignation/Re-Shuffle.

BGSF Polling: The New Turnaround Time

In our polling research, we have found that these factors directly impact what is considered an acceptable amount of time between the first interview and making an offer to a candidate. With many expecting that turnaround time to be 1-2 weeks, candidates are also anticipating only 1-2 rounds of interviews before a decision is made by a possible employer. More specifically, BGSF has found that IT candidates (especially with “higher level” or senior roles) won’t even submit themselves for a position when they learn it’s a 3-step interview process.

LinkedIn Polls, 2022

Modernizing Your Hiring Process

So, have you been missing out on great talent because your hiring process is just too long? Here are three steps you can take today to start streamlining your hiring process and landing those top applicants!

1. Start with an approved budget: Last year, we saw so many companies lose out on top talent because they didn’t have an approved budget. Particularly, in this candidate-driven market, that’s a weak way to approach the hiring process and it also leaves a poor impression of the company. It may sound like a simple thing, but make sure:

2. Make sure you have a well-defined role and competitive salary: Some job descriptions we’ve seen can be a little unrealistic. It’s critical for companies to really invest time in developing job descriptions, ensuring that they are practical and that they accurately reflect the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform that role.

3. Have a clear interview plan that allows for quick feedback and selection: This is where we see a lot of companies lose out on talent. You want to review your interview process and ensure that it is streamlined, structured, and includes all the key decision-makers.


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