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Marketing Your Resume in 2020

Division Career Tips, Community Outreach
June 20, 2019

Resumes have been used for years and are an expected part of the job search process. You’ll almost always be asked for one.  In the job market of 2020, there are so many ways to get your resume exposure.  Research shows that about 80% of jobs are eventually filled through networking!  There are endless possibilities of getting your resume in front of a client today, here are a couple of tips to follow.

It’s true that recruiters can now “Google” you as part of their search process. And tools like LinkedIn do allow you to create something like a resume, but you still need a physical-copy resume. Your resume’s main purpose is to get you an interview. While there’s a lot you can do with an online profile, a resume is still the easiest way to target specific jobs. It’s also portable! When you’re networking or at a job fair, for example, it’s nice to have a document you can pull out and share with others.

Your resume remains a key marketing document and an essential part of your job search toolkit. In fact, the work you do in preparing will serve you well in all your job search activities, networking, interviews, and beyond.