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Juneteenth: Let’s Celebrate, Liberate, and Educate

Division BGSF
July 15, 2021

Last year, BGSF celebrated Juneteenth and we are happy to announce that we will continue to recognize Juneteenth by taking a half-day on June 18th to self-reflect and engage, to learn and share, and most of all, to act. We will be closing at noon, your local time.

We hope that this time will be used to further our understanding and awareness of racial injustices and inequities that continue to plague and divide our country today.

Here are some recommended ways to spend your time:

1. Self-reflect
Consider what you know and don’t know about the experiences of Black/African Americans and the importance of Juneteenth in our country today.

2. Learn
How might more knowledge enhance your perspective, your relationship building, expression of empathy, or show of compassion? How will you continue to grow, share and engage your family and friends in learning more about the history of Juneteenth and its relevance in our world today?

3. Take action: We have attached some great resources for you to explore.

There are no strings, gotchas, or qualifications – Take some of this time and leverage it to DO SOMETHING that takes you out of your comfort zone as well as helps you grow as an individual.