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ERP Systems: Protecting a Prime Target from Cyber-Attacks

Division BGSF, Professional Division
October 13, 2022

ERP Systems Are a Prime Target

ERP systems are connected to many other operations systems within an organization. If an ERP system is the victim of a cyber-attack, it could have devastating consequences on a business’s overall operations. With Cybersecurity threats on the rise, the chances of this becoming a reality have increased dramatically over the years. These threats can easily jeopardize an organization’s reputation and the long-term financial impacts of such an attack could be quite damaging. Organizations need to protect their systems against internal and external cyber threats to maintain confidentiality, availability, and integrity.

Common Causes for Security Vulnerabilities

The larger the company, the more users you have, and—consequently—more vulnerabilities exist in your system. Therefore, this makes ERP security a uniquely complicated issue due to the increased difficulty in maintaining it.

Here are a few reasons ERP systems are particularly prone to cyber-attacks:

ERP Security Best Practices

To keep your ERP system protected and secure, it’s critical to establish appropriate controls by implementing ERP security solutions and integrating them with the rest of the security operations.

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