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Business Etiquette – Best Practices for 2022

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June 7, 2022

It’s been more than two years since majority of our offices transitioned to remote environments, can you believe it? How does it simultaneously feel like we’re still in 2020 but also, 2022 is moving so FAST? Since we now have two years of remote work teams, we figured we would take a moment to reflect on how business practices have evolved and share what we have learned to be best practices!  

Industry Impact 

Our Clients: 

Video blurred the lines between work life and home life, allowing operations to continue as clients had to rely on video for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retaining talent. But, there was still the need to connect with teams on strategy, initiatives, project management, and overall engagement. While these topics could quickly be discussed in passing in an office setting, the time now had to be scheduled, allowing “relaxed” business etiquette to creep in and resulting in virtual fatigue for many. 

Our Candidates: 

This virtual world has made it challenging for consultants to network and discover new opportunities. It limits their ability to see the true work environment/culture of a company and has made communication styles difficult to view from the candidate/hiring side. 

Video Etiquette 

Dogs, kids, and messes! Oh MY! The age of WFH is most certainly a blend of our home and work lives, making it difficult to maintain professionalism when speaking with team members, potential, and current clients and candidates. Below are simple tips and tricks to keep that work and life boundary intact: 


Do Not’s 

Set Your Space Up for Success 

Impressions are everything! Especially the first ones. By now, we know that working from home presents unique challenges and culture shock – especially to those who have worked in offices for many years! We covered this topic in Elaine Priesman’s Feature Friday blog. 

Equipment and Lighting 

Privacy and Background 

In-Person Etiquette 

In many parts of the country, people are back in their offices and more likely to want to meet in-person if distance allows. Keep in mind that not everyone will feel comfortable with this option and may prefer to continue connecting remotely. Below are simple tips and tricks to ensure that expectations and options are available when the situation arises: 


Purposeful Communication 

The key to achieving success in the current workplace is being flexible, adaptable, and putting people (including yourself) first. As we navigate the ever-changing workplace dynamics, it may take trial and error to determine what is acceptable and valued within your teams. For more tips on this topic watch our webinar: Business Etiquette in the New Video, Virtual World