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Prioritize Your Self-Care

Division BGSF
January 6, 2023

You may have heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”, but did you know that studies show it supplies both short-term and long-term health benefits? So, whether you’re giggling at something someone said or laughing out loud through events and activities, a good laugh is not only fun but healthy for you too!

Health benefits of laughter include:

Laughter Helps You Connect with Others

Along with all the health benefits of laughter, it can also help you connect with others, which can have an overwhelming effect on all aspects of mental health.  BGSF hosted our 3rd company-wide Virtual Trivia to improve our health with comradery and fun! When you connect with your teammates through humor, you are better able to provide solutions, inspire hope, and remain more focused and alert.

Give Yourself a Daily Dose of Laughter

Laughter stops distressing emotions – it’s more difficult to feel anxious, sad, or angry when you’re laughing. Find ways to incorporate healthy laughter into your day – Find a friend, read a funny book, laugh at your pet, listen to a comedy podcast, watch some TikToks and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Remember, laughter is contagious!

Other Ways to Prioritize Your Mental Health

While laughter is an amazing way to enhance your mental health, it’s important to remember there are other ways to prioritize your mental health.

Start by elevating your psychological resiliency, which refers your ability to be flexible and adapt to the inevitable challenges of life. Building resilience to inevitable changes and challenges in life doesn’t happen overnight, it can help you cope with and manage stressors. This is a particularly helpful skill in the workplace given ever-changing technology, staffing changes, and shifting of job responsibilities.

Improve your psychological resiliency and overall mental health by:

Other ways to prioritize your mental health:

What steps will you take to make your mental health a priority this month and beyond?

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