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Showing Employee Appreciation

Division BGSF, Team Building
March 2, 2023

Appreciation makes an impact in the workplace, fueling camaraderie, improving morale, creating a culture of belonging, and increasing employee engagement.

Employees who feel appreciated reduce their chances of burnout by 84% according to a 2022 Global Culture Study by O.C. Tanner Institute. Even more alarming is the finding that 79% of employees are not engaged at work according to Gallup 

You can start the ripple to increase this number by taking today to show appreciation to your employees and increase connections with your teammates. 

Here are five ways that you can show appreciation: 

The goal is to create a kinder, more positive working environment that people enjoy being a part of. According to Achievers, 63% of employees who feel recognized and heard at work are unlikely to look for a new job. Encouraging and modeling a culture of kindness and appreciation benefits everyone, increasing job satisfaction and employee retention.   

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